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4 Benefits of Independent Living

When the time comes to retire, we all want the same thing: “Finally, time to relax.” When deciding where to retire, you should consider all of your options and which will best support the lifestyle you expect. Luckily, if you’re looking for a laid back, resort-style lifestyle, independent living may be your best bet. Below are some of the benefits of choosing an independent living community.


Live Maintenance Free

You might find that yard and house work is becoming harder to deal with as you age, or you might not have a problem maintaining your home at all. Either way, the obligations of home ownership are a hassle and can be avoided in an independent living community. Living in an independent living community means chores like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway or fixing the water heater are taken care of for you.

(Nearly) Everything’s Included!

Another benefit of independent living is that you won’t have to worry yourself with bills. From home utilities to delicious meals to cable TV, it’s all often covered under monthly rent payments. No more hectic first-of-the-month scrambling to get all the bills paid. At Melrose Meadows, we include this and more in your monthly rent payment.

Enjoy Other Services and Amenities

Maybe you always wanted a pool in the backyard or a fitness center in your basement, but neither was very practical? Well, another benefit of independent living communities is the extra services and amenities that are included within your monthly rent payments. Spas, pools, wellness programs and gyms are common in independent living communities. Enjoy the perks of an active lifestyle without needing to worry about extra cost or maintenance.

Revive your Social Life

Now that you’re retiring, your social life is more important than ever! Why not spend your days in a vibrant social setting? Independent living communities have plenty of programing for residents to socialize with one another. From wellness programming to board game nights to movie matinees, independent living communities are a great place for seniors to revive their social life and enjoy entertainment. At Melrose, we have an active events calendar with a variety of programming.

As you weigh your options for the next step in your life, keep in mind these benefits of independent living communities. You’ll enjoy an active, engaging lifestyle without the fuss and expenses of home maintenance.

Melrose Meadows is a certified assisted and independent living community in Iowa City, Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing a senior living community that supports an independent lifestyle in a vibrant all-inclusive setting. Schedule a tour today and let us help you navigate the options for your future.

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