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Assisted Living and Independent Living Options for Couples

When you’re researching senior living communities, there’s plenty of information available about the process of finding a new home for yourself or a loved one, which is invaluable because moving to a senior living community is a major life change! But how do you find the right fit for a couple looking to move to a senior living community? Couples often decide that they want to move to a senior living community and, of course, they want to live together!

Finding the right senior living community can be a demanding process and accounting for the different needs of each person is even more complicated. But don’t worry, there are senior living communities that are perfect for couples and you can help them find the place that’s right for both of them.

The Cost of Assisted Living for Couples

During your search for the right senior living community, it’s important to consider both individual needs and shared needs. Individual needs vary within each couple, while shared needs vary between couples. So, you should evaluate how the senior living community can serve both the individual needs and shared needs of your loved ones.

It’s extremely common for only one spouse to require assisted living, which is a more advanced level of care than independent living. At a community with self-directed care, like Melrose Meadows, both spouses can live in the same apartment and individually choose the assistance they receive. This is especially helpful long-term, as both individual and shared needs change. And at communities with all-inclusive pricing, you don’t have to worry about costs increasing dramatically if you do decide you’d like a bit more help.

Caregivers Receive the Care They Need

As couples age together, there’s often one spouse who is placed in the role of caregiver. But at the right senior living community, the caregiver can be taken care of, too. This support is vital when it comes to unforeseen health changes for either spouse. And since caregiving is physically and mentally taxing, allowing staff to take care of everyday needs takes the pressure off of the caregiving individual and the relationship. Never underestimate the importance of a well-deserved break! Often, the physical and mental health of both spouses improves after moving to a senior living community.

One Bedroom or Two Bedroom Apartment?

When it comes to apartments at senior living communities, there are a lot of options! Many assisted living apartments are the furthest thing from a shared room at a nursing home. For example, Melrose Meadows offers a variety of floor plans all the way up to two bedroom suites, complete with kitchenette and private bathroom. Everyone has their own apartment decorated to their taste and filled with their own belongings. Because you’re not renting a room or a bed, you’re creating a new home!

Are you or a loved one exploring senior and assisted living communities? Melrose Meadows is a certified assisted and independent living community in Iowa City, Iowa. We provide an independent, secure lifestyle for our residents in a vibrant, all-inclusive setting. Schedule a tour today to see if Melrose Meadows is a good fit for your future.

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