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Helping Your Parents Transition to Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living community is a great option for seniors to have access to necessary assistance and healthcare while maintaining a sense of independence. However, leaving your home to move into an assisted living community can be a difficult transition. Although assisted living may be the best solution for your loved one with deteriorating health, it’s important recognize and respect your parent’s concerns and help them make an easy transition. Below are some tips you can use to help make your parent’s transition to assisted living a smooth one.

Transition to Assisted Living

Be Sensitive

Although assisted living may seem like the obvious solution for your loved one, it’s important to put yourself in your loved ones shoes and listen to their concerns. Transitioning from their own home to an assisted living community is a big change that can stir a slew of emotions. Make sure your parents know that they are not being abandoned and make plans to visit often.

Have a Plan and Stay Positive

Call a meeting with siblings, cousins or any other friends and family that will help with the transition. Make a list of all the things that need to get done including paperwork, cleaning and packing the house, writing the checks, etc. and delegate those responsibilities. Keep your loved one in the loop throughout these discussions too – the more they know about what’s going on, the more relaxed they’ll likely be.

Personalize their New Space

One important step in easing the transition to assisted living is personalizing the resident’s new home as much as possible. When you’re ready to pack the house, make sure you bring items with meaning such as pictures, décor and any other personal items. Help set up his or her new home before they move in and decorate it with their favorite furniture, books, pillows and blankets and anything else that will help make their new home personal. These familiar objects will help make your loved ones home more of their own.

Encourage Them

Although you should visit and call your loved one frequently, it’s also important that you give them space in order to not inhibit their new independence. Encourage your loved one to meet their new neighbors, participate in social and wellness programming and get out of their comfort zone.

One important way to ensure a smooth transition is making sure their new community is a good fit before they ever move in. As you tour different communities, pay close attention to the staff and how they interact with residents. Meet the management team and ask questions about facilities, dining, included services and programming.

Melrose Meadows is a certified assisted and independent living community in Iowa City, Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing a senior living community that supports an independent lifestyle in a vibrant all-inclusive setting. Schedule a tour today and let us help you navigate the options for your future.

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