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Is Independent Senior Living Right For You?

Is Independent Senior Living Right for You?

As you get older, you might start thinking about relocating in order to simplify your lifestyle, and rid yourself of chores that have become more difficult over time. Independent senior living communities are a great way to make your life more manageable so you can fully enjoy everyday life – without sweating the small stuff. Independent senior living residents at Melrose Meadows enjoy a variety of perks that make life easier – like transportation, restaurant-style meals, activities, fitness courses and lots of opportunities to lead an active social life.

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When the time comes to decide what the next phase of your life looks like, gauging your options can get overwhelming. As you research your options, consider these questions:

  1. Has home maintenance become a burden?

Maintaining a home can get tricky as you age – especially during Iowa winters. Think about what it takes to keep your home running smoothly. Maybe you have a large yard that requires regular maintenance, or a driveway that’s gotten difficult to shovel. Even if you hire help, those costs can add up. In many cases, other options may be more affordable. In an independent senior living community, residents enjoy beautiful, manageable apartments  – and help maintaining them. You also won’t have to worry about shoveling any driveways or mowing any lawns.

  1. Do you want a better social life?

As you age, you might find it harder to get out of the house because it’s become harder to walk or drive. Regular social interaction is important for your health, and isolation can cause greater risk of depression or other mental health issues. Independent senior living communities offer a variety of event programming for their residents that can help revitalize your social life.

  1. Has driving become a hassle?

If you’re growing weary of driving regularly, or you’d like to shed the expense of car ownership, you should consider transportation when thinking about relocating. Like many independent senior living communities, Melrose Meadows offers free scheduled transportation for running errands, getting to appointments and more. But if you’d like to hold on to your vehicle, our heated underground garage is comfortable, convenient and affordable.

When thinking about the next stage of your life, it’s important to consider all of your options before choosing the one that will best fit your lifestyle. If you want to rid yourself of home maintenance while gaining an invigorated social life, an independent senior living community may be the perfect fit.

Melrose Meadows is a certified assisted and independent living community in Iowa City, Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing a senior living community that supports an independent lifestyle in a vibrant all-inclusive setting. Schedule a tour today and let us help you navigate the options for your future.

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