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Knowing Your Options: Assisted Living vs. Home Care

Knowing Your Options: Assisted Living vs. Home Care


When a loved one needs additional assistance, it’s important to consider all of the options to find the best choice for your family.

As you discuss options with your loved ones, they may insist on wanting to stay at home. However, before making the decision to get your loved one home care, you should also consider the option of assisted living. Assisted living communities are designed to keep their residents safe while preserving the residents’ independence, privacy and autonomy. Below we outline the difference between the two lifestyles to help you determine which is best for your loved one.

Home Care

Home care is care for those with specific assistance needs who want to stay in their home. Home care services include personal care such as help with bathing, housekeeping, cooking, meal delivery and health care.

Some benefits of home care include:

  1. Convenience – Your loved one does not need to leave their home.

  2. More Attention – Your loved one gets the home care professional’s full attention.

  3. Specialized – Your home care professional will be able to provide more specialized attention.

Home care is an ideal option for seniors who are not ready to leave their home but need additional assistance with daily activities.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are for seniors who need assistance with daily living but also want the benefits of living in a community. Seniors who require help with daily living or have minor cognitive impairment fit into the assisted living environment best. In assisted living communities, trained staff is available around the clock for both routine and unscheduled assistance. Routine assistance includes custodial care like help with bathing, dressing and restroom visits. Aides are also at hand 24/7 to answer any emergency calls from the residents.

Some benefits of assisted living include:

  1. Social – Assisted living is a communal lifestyle. Residents dine with others and have several opportunities for socialization, with exercise and wellness programs, social, cultural and educational activities.

  2. More Affordable – Since everything is often included – housing, assistance, housekeeping, meals, social events – an assisted living community is often a cheaper option than extensive home care.

There are benefits to both lifestyles, so it’s important to listen to your loved one and find the option that is best for them. If they just need routine visits, minor assistance with daily living and help maintaining their household, home care may be the better option. However, assisted living is a great option for seniors who need some more assistance and monitoring but want to maintain an active, social lifestyle.

Melrose Meadows is a certified assisted and independent living community in Iowa City, Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing a senior living community that supports an independent lifestyle in a vibrant all-inclusive setting. Schedule a tour today and let us help you navigate the options for your future.

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