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Melrose In Their Own Words: Interview With Mercia Wolf, Melrose Resident

Instead of us going on and on about how wonderful Melrose is, we decided to sit down with one of our residents to talk about life here (among other things). Mercia Wolf has been a Melrose resident since March 2018, and she’s become a vibrant, active part of our community. Here’s Mercia's story, in her own words.

Why did you decide to move into a senior community? What specifically drew you to Melrose?

I moved to Iowa City from Clinton. My daughter lives here and because they thought I wasn’t ready for a retirement community, I moved into a condo. But I wanted more people contact, so I visited several facilities in the area. Melrose stood out from the others; I liked the size, the layout, the facilities, the activities, and most importantly, the staff and residents.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get up at 5:15 and let my dog out. I have breakfast and check the news. I walk the dog, then workout in the gym from 7-8. There are usually activities scheduled in the morning and I take part or sometimes go shopping. I eat lunch in my apartment or at the soup/salad bar. I walk the dog again in the afternoon. Other afternoon activities might include current events group, bingo, poker, dominoes, blackjack and others. I enjoy time in my apartment, usually reading, but am always finding someone if I feel like visiting.

What are some of your favorite things about living at Melrose?

I like that I have the choice to take part in social activities or not, depending on my mood. I was welcomed by everyone, staff and residents. I love my apartment. I’m on first floor so it is easy to take my dog in and out. The grounds and location are great for walks when weather permits.

Tell me a little bit about your life before you moved to Melrose. What was your job? Family situation? Hobbies, accomplishments, etc?

I retired from teaching seventh grade language arts in Clinton for 30 yrs. I taught as an adjunct at Clinton Community College and took many courses there, just for fun, where I started drawing and painting. I have two daughters, one in Iowa City and the other in Roanoke, VA. My ex husband and his wife live in Fulton, IL, and visit often. My only grandchild lives in North Liberty.

What is one of your favorite memories/stories about your time at Melrose?

There are so many. I especially like the friendly competition in all our games. There’s a lot of kidding and “trash talking” in bean bag baseball, Trivial Pursuit, blackjack and poker. I’ve been amazed at the varied histories which residents have shared with me – so many have traveled the world.

Is there anything you would like people/potential residents to know about Melrose?

It won’t take long to feel at home here. Everyone will welcome you. The staff is very friendly and will help you however they can. It’s also great that the assisted living residents are included wherever possible in activities.

What would you say about the food at Melrose?

The food is great. Right now I’m the only vegetarian here, but there are always options to choose from and our chef is awesome. I have no complaints at all – and everything is delicious.

Would you recommend Melrose Meadows to people like you?

Of course! Just visit and let us show you around!

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