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Must Love Dogs: A Conversation With a Melrose Meadows Couple

Seeking: Fun, friendly community with good food, great entertainment variety and nice staff. Must be acceptable size and have a robust exercise program. Also, must love dogs!

If Mike and Sherry McKay had written a singles ad to find the retirement home of their dreams, it probably would have sounded something like the above. After two years of living in our community, they can confidently state that Melrose is everything they had hoped for – and more.

“We already knew quite a bit about Melrose before we started looking for a place to retire,” says Sherry. “I have a number of friends and acquaintances who already lived here, so I was familiar with the building, the location and what sort of services it provides.”

“We looked around at different places, but we decided that Melrose just felt right,” chimes in Mike. “It was the right size and the staff was incredibly nice, friendly and welcoming.”

Plus, he says, Melrose accepts dogs! (As you may have guessed, four-legged companionship is very important to the McKays.)

Even though they’re no longer the new kids in town, the McKays are still just as excited about Melrose as they were when they first moved in. There’s always something new to enjoy, thanks to the jam-packed entertainment and activities schedule, and life couldn’t be more pleasant, thanks to the amazing staff and other residents.

“This place really feels like home,” says Sherry. “Only the best part is that I don’t have to do all the chores that I did when I was living in our old home! They have great food, so much to do, exercise programs and even underground parking. Mike and I don’t have to lift a finger!”

Although they enjoy their free time, Mike and Sherry aren’t content to just sit back. They’re very active in the community life, and are actively petitioning for new amenities and activities to be added to Melrose. “We’d love to have a dog park and a pickleball court,” says Mike.

All things considered, the McKays couldn’t be happier with their life here at Melrose. They’re surrounded by interesting, friendly people, enjoy engaging activities every day and have all the time in the world to try new things, relax or do whatever else they’d like.

“We really like it here,” says Sherry. “I’m so glad we decided to make Melrose our home. Sometimes I wish we’d moved here sooner!”

Mike lists one more reason why the Melrose life is so great. “I can’t believe how soundproofed the apartments are!” he says. (Hey, we get it – no one wants to be disturbed by noisy neighbors!)

Personally, we think that Melrose and the McKays are a match made in heaven. It definitely was love at first sight for us! If you’re looking for your perfect retirement lifestyle match, we invite you to come visit us and see for yourself why people like Mike and Sherry are falling in love with us every day.

Mike and Sherry McKay and their dog Luke, who is a certified therapy dog.
Mike and Sherry McKay and their dog Luke, who is a certified therapy dog.

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