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The Benefits of Alternative Medicine for Seniors/Melrose Meadows Senior Wellness Expo

by Meghan Adam Melrose Meadows Marketing Coordinator

Melrose Meadows’ upcoming Senior Wellness Expo was partly inspired by one of our very own residents. I was chatting with him as he waited for our van driver to pick him up. When I asked him where he was going, he said he was going to his acupuncturist. As someone who has personally experienced some pretty life-changing benefits from acupuncture, I was delighted that one of our residents was a fan. And honestly, it surprised me. I wasn’t expecting a 94-year-old to have…well, such an open mind.

But I think there are far more open-minded seniors than we’d expect. Health is an understandably major concern as we age, and as health declines, many seniors become open to alternatives, especially when it’s understood that many of those alternatives are natural, can be less invasive, can cost less, and can offer a more personal touch.

On Friday, February 20th, Melrose Meadows will host a Senior Wellness Expo that will focus on complementary and alternative health therapies. Dr. Nicole Nisly of the University of Iowa’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinic will kick off the expo with a presentation on how to safely and effectively integrate alternative medicines into current medical practices. The expo will also feature presentations and demonstrations by:

Dr. Aaron Schroeder – Coralville Chiropractic

Massage Therapists from Peaceful Nature Massage

Dr. Peter Ahn – Ahn Clinic for Acupuncture

Katey Kooi, Music Therapist – West Music

Shelly Horswill –Wellfinity Yoga & Wellness

Becky Eskers & Team – Get Organized

Open to the public as well as Melrose residents, it’s our hope that seniors will come to the expo with an aforementioned open mind, and will have fun while learning about health practices that could make a difference in their life. Free blood pressure checks, flexibility checks and healthy snacks will round out the fun, informative afternoon Melrose Meadows’ Wellness Center. We hope to see you there!

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