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Thinking of Making a Move? Think Iowa City!

Whether you’re considering moving back to Iowa City, moving here for the first time or even just moving down the street, there are tons of reasons why Iowa City is an amazing place to live.

As your Senior Living oasis in Iowa City, we at Melrose Meadows are proud to share this fabulous post by Movoto Real Estate, entitled “30 Things You Need To Know About Iowa City Before You Move There”. Even those of us who were born and raised in the area learned something new!

30 Things You Need To Know About Iowa City Before You Move There

It’s smart, cultured, literary and athletic, but it’s also a blend of urban, rural, and farm-to-table chic. It may be hard to define, but one thing is certain; this is not your average college town.


Leah McBride Mensching

1. Black, Gold And Hawkeyes All Over

2. It Has Suburbs, Too

3. It’s Well Read And It Knows How To Write

4. It’s Fresh and Local

5. Move Over Des Moines, We Were Here First

6. It Has Everything From Plastic Cups To Fine Stemware

7. You’re In Good Hands

8. Visit The Old World

9. It’s A Wind Power Pioneer

10. Drink Up; The Beer Is Local And Fresh

11. Get Ready To Stomp Some Grapes

12. It’s Home To The ‘Public Ivy League’

13. It’s Artsy

14. Your Dog Will Thank You

15. Jazz Is Hard To Define, But Easy To Enjoy

16. You’re Welcome For Ashton Kutcher

17. A Pioneer History With A Local Farm Future

18. It Elected The First Female Mayor

19. It’s Connected

20. Float, Boat Or Walk Alongside the River

21. Its Mall Isn’t Just A Mall

22. It Rises To The Top

23. It’s Run By A Bunch Of Kids

24. It’s A Pedestrian’s Paradise

25. There’s Always Green Space

26. A Museum More Than 400 Million Years In the Making

27. Wooly Mammoths Live Here, Too

28. It Serves Brunch In An Old Power Plant

29. It’s Presidential

30. It’s A Theatrical Gem

Another thanks to Movoto for sharing! See the original post at

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