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To Rent or Own: Home Repairs Can Cost You Savings and Sanity

Uh-oh! You come home from a weekend with your family and the house is freezing. It’s not just the pilot light – it’s your 15- year old furnace. You knew it would kick the bucket sooner or later – but now its Sunday night at 10 o’clock and the meteorologist is calling for frost. Are you kidding me? Besides the obvious headache of the inconvenience, how much could it really cost to replace? In Iowa City, installing a new furnace could run anywhere from $2,800 - $6,300. And that’s just ONE home appliance.

When you take a look around your house the to-do lists add up fast. There’s the tattered roof, the rusty gutters, the leaky basement, drafty windows, battered siding, clogged sewer line and that strange sound coming from the garage door opener. If it’s been a while since you’ve repaired or replaced those the cost will likely surprise you. Same for all of those kitchen appliances, washer/drier, and services you need help with. Shoveling the snow, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, weeding the garden and handling the yard work. Did we mention the fence repair? And that doesn’t count other surprises like the notice from the city that taxes are going up and homeowners are now responsible for replacing broken sidewalks. Cha-ching. Cha-ching. Cha-ching.

It’s easy to put off all of those expenses – until you can’t anymore. And the cost is so much greater than just the dollars. It’s time and anguish collecting bids for each repair, choosing the right product and company, and scheduling the fix before the next problem rolls around.

Home maintenance and repairs is just one of the many headaches residents at Melrose Meadows say they never miss! Just like they don’t miss doing laundry, cleaning house, cooking meals or digging the remote control out from underneath the sofa. However, they do tell us what they would miss if they hadn’t joined our retirement community, like great new friendships, beautiful apartments, expansive menus, elegant dining room, Wellness team, endless list of activities and Happy Hour. Our all-inclusive approach to senior living means you can spend time doing exactly what you want to do – quietly enjoying your solitude in a stress-free apartment with private balcony, participating in just about every fun activity under the sun, or a combination of all the above.

If you thought about moving to retirement living before COVID-19, then now is still a great time to consider a move to Melrose Meadows. Instead of living in isolation alone, you can live safely with us, receiving help when you need it and connections when you want it. And yes, we ARE open for tours. Everyone who enters our building is required to wear face masks. We love our residents and plan to keep them safe.

Before the real Iowa winter blows in come see us. A tour is not a commitment. It is simply a way to see what life COULD be like without repair bills and all of those headaches, plus you can learn more about our Fall Special where the first month’s rent is free! Give us a call at 319-341-7893 or send us an email at We can’t wait to greet you at our doors!

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