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Why It Can Cost You (Literally) to Wait to Move to Senior Living

The biggest argument we hear from seniors who are considering (reluctantly) moving into senior living is that “they don’t need to move.” Hey, we get it. For a long, long time, senior living was something to be avoided for as long as possible – in other words, seniors would wait until they absolutely needed it. It just makes sense that older seniors, especially, can drag their feet and not want to move into a community until they have to.

But now it’s record scratch time – it’s actually better to move before you need it. In fact, moving into senior living before you need it can actually save you money.

Wait, what? you say. But those places aren’t cheap, and my house is paid off. Why would I move and start paying money when I have a place that’s comfortable and free?

Real talk time. There are real, serious financial and personal costs that come from waiting until something forces a move.

Hospital bills. Many seniors and family members wait until there's a fall or big health scare that causes a move to senior living. Those incidents come with hefty price tags, especially if there are hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation and the like. And then you end up having to move to senior living because it’s no longer safe to live on your own. If you’d moved prior to the incident, you might not have incurred those specific issues or injuries.

Fewer options. If you are looking for a senior living community because you have to move now, no questions asked, you’ll have to take what you can get. It’s the whole “beggars can’t be choosers” philosophy. Starting your search before you need it means you can take your time, look at options and wait for the perfect place to open up...instead of having to settle for “good enough.”

Wasted money on chores and maintenance. Even if your home is paid off, you still have lots of costs that can add up. Hiring someone to take care of the lawn. Or shovel the driveway. Or fixing all the things that can break around the house, like the HVAC or other large appliance. Not only is this pricey, but it gets frustrating and difficult for you, too.

Stress. So much stress. Think about it: let’s say you fell, broke your hip, had surgery and now have to move into a senior living community because you can’t live safely on your own. Now, you have to manage rehabilitation and schedule tours and make decisions and downsize your home and handle everything necessary to sell your house your blood pressure rising yet? Ours is just typing that sentence. (Okay, everyone...breathe.)

Look, we don’t want to freak you out. Really. In a perfect world, everyone would move into senior living early on in their senior years, and they would be happy to do it and it would be something to look forward to. We know, though, that’s not always the case. But we’d like it to be the case for you. Why not give us a call, take a tour of our community and see what the benefits might be of coming to be a part of the Melrose family? Our ultimate goal, no matter what, is that you and your loved ones have the information you need to make the right decision for the right time.

COVID 19 UPDATE: Though our services and amenities look a little different right now, we are welcoming visitors and new residents. Get in touch to schedule your in-person or virtual tour, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’re 100% happy and healthy, and are hopeful that our safety measures continue to keep us that way.

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